Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney
Edward (Ned) Flynn, III

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, don't try to handle a claim on your own or risk using an inexperienced trial lawyer. Not all personal injury lawyers have our committment to acheiving full justice for their clients, nor do they have our trial experience and proven trial skills. We will ethically and professionally give every client the best legal representation, no matter how hard the fight.


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Atlanta Real Estate Attorney
Jon A. Gottlieb

Whether you become involved in a real estate or business transaction or you find yourself in need of a litigator, regardless of your experience as a business entrepreneur or a first time investor you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who will ensure that your rights are protected and enhanced. With Jon Gottlieb, you have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner who will provide a custom tailored solution to your needs.

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